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What ho Yogi!

Nice to meet you! Let me introduce myself:

I'm Elisabeth Arielle, a 230hr qualified Vinyasa and Mandala Yoga teacher and German University student. 
I found Yoga when I was working in London as an Au pair and battling an eating disorder. My first big passion before Yoga was the theatre, where I spent eight years of my life. Performing as shakespearean heroines in front of an audience of strangers first taught me about the power of my voice. In my Yoga Teacher Training with Julie Montagu I had to find my authentic voice which had been all but muted by the trauma of my eating disorder. Having reconnected to my body, reignited my creativity and strengthened my voice through Yoga, I want to help you do the same.
Are you ready to be empowered?
Love, Elisabeth

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My Yoga Brand

II call myself "The Speaking Yogi," because above all else, I have always identified as a speaker, as someone who expresses themselves through communication and articulation. 

I feel called to empower those who struggle to express their ideas, voice their opinions, articulate their emotions, and communicate their needs either to themselves or to others.

In my experience, Yoga in all it's forms provides all the tools you need to build a confident foundation, to find your authentic voice, and to ignite your creativity.

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