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Student Voices

"Elisabeth is encouraging, sensitive and wise, and conducts her lessons with such fun and open-heartedness it's always a pleasure to join her - that said it is no easy ride! Always a challenge and adventure taking my mind away from anxiety"

Grace from the UK

"I really enjoy all of your classes since day one. When I first started with Yoga I did not know what to expect and I also was a bit anxious as I am not the "sporty" one. But you showed me that Yoga is not about being sporty it is about yourself and the connection of body and mind. In every class you encourage us to try put new poses and even if we fail you say it is okay. I really like how funny you are, your classes are not about lecturing us but about helping us to improve. You speak directly to us and give us feedback on how we are doing and everytime you say that I am doing a particular pose well I feel so pumped. I like that you also can laugh about yourself when you accidentally mix up left or right, this makes you so real and I feel comfortable. I am so grateful that you are my Yoga teacher and I can learn so many things from you. The readings you prepare for us at the end of a class are my personal highlights as they always fit so perfectly. I have to admit that sometimes I have some tears in my eyes as these readings really make me think and the Yoga practice somehow opens my mind and heart. When someone would have told me 6 months ago that I would be doing Yoga I would have said: "yeah sure, I am too clumsy and inflexible" but after 4 months of Yoga with you I know that it is possible for everyone to do Yoga. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me with your wonderful classes."

Anja from Germany

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