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Online Classes

Please send me an email or contact me on Instagram if you would like to join a class. I will then send you the Zoom link. Classes are free but donations via Paypal are welcome.

I truly love to teach and the only payment I ask for is your feedback, so I can continuously improve my classes. Please get in touch after class and let me know how you found it!

Tuesdays 6pm CET

Vinyasa for Confidence

Build your confidence as we flow through a creative combination of poses for increased strength and mobility. Learn to connect to your breath and awaken your authentic voice.

Saturdays 6pm CET

Mandala Magic

Expect an invigorating flow focused on three base poses which we will take around the mat in a full circle! Mandala is a personal favorite of mine because it allows for an even more playful and fluid flow.  I always offer variations and modifications for everyone!

Private Classes

If you would prefer a private on-to-one online Yoga class of individual length and level, please contact me via e-mail so we can set a time that suits both of us!

The sequence will be customized for your needs and wishes, so I'd appreciate it if you could let me know what you want to focus on and which level of asana you are comfortable at. 


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